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    Learn to innovate.

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    Confidence in our team

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    Knowledge is intelligence

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Active on the market for about 20 years, ISIWAY s.r.l. verticalization is dedicated to the world business intelligence. Became part of Humanativa Group in late 2014, it has significant and proven expertise in the treatment of the information assets of large organizations, thanks to the experience gained over the years on administrative issues, integration, analysis, quality and use of information, including on platforms furniture.

Inside the ISIWAY work for about two years, a research and development laboratory specially formed to develop, in the world BIG DATA and VIDEO ANALYTICS, the key know-how capable of enriching a wealth of information with external data and unstructured.


HNSAP set up in 2017, completes the offer in the ERP field, focusing on solutions based on the SAP product. Thanks to a group of professionals who have been working in this sector for a long time, it has the ambition to become, in a short time, a nationally recognized player on some specific modules. There are both technical and functional expertise, going from business administration and finance processes to logistics, personnel management and in particular Business Intelligence.

Following the evolutions of the SAP world, HN SAP is developing in its staff expertise on the SAP suite, which includes all the most used processes in the SAP world presented with a simple, intuitive and usable interface on every desktop, tablet and smartphone device.


MATICA NET S.r.l., which has joining the Group on April 2016, is specialized in the design and engineering of software products and CRM solutions, specifically for ERP and Mobile in Financial sectors, for Retail and Automotive by means of customization services and assistance.

Le soluzioni di MATICA NET sono fruibili attraverso le forme di erogazione più attuali quali, ad esempio, installazione e noleggio "on site", outsourcing e SAAS.


Big Data

Increase the "knowledge" of an organization through the integration of business data with structured and unstructured needed to address the issues OSINT, using methodologies and proprietary solutions.

big data e turismo

Video Analytic

Increase the information assets by capturing data from fixed and moving images and extracting from these valuable business information based on predefined analysis templates and configurable, based on "computer vision technology."

video marketing analytics

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