Big Data: BigHunter

The solution to integrate data from all sources, types and sizes available.

Transforms unstructured data - video, images, text and online content - in accessible data.

The integration of methodologies and proprietary solutions, comes the opportunity to address the issues Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), for the development of "intelligence"; BIG HUNTER allows you to extend the terms "open source" by collecting new information from public sources.

Big Hunter is a machine learning system is used as a research tool (OSINT): Allows you to use a number of algorithms:

  • Topic detection
    • Detection of the argument treated by a text.
  • Sentiment analysis
    • Detection of judgment, positive or negative, expressed by a text about a given topic (sentiment analysis)
  • Reputation analysis
  • Content suggestion
  • Information & relation extraction
    • Detection of predefined entities, within a text (information extraction) and, possibly, the logical relationships between them (relations extraction)

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