Commini Group S.p.A.

La Commini Group S.p.A.,operates in various market sectors investing in research and development of specialist and innovative solutions as proposals to clients, to partners and to the market in general.

The group is present on the Italian country and abroad from 1999 and founded its headquarter in Rome.

The areas of most interest include airport services, renewable energy, sports teams, logistics / tourism interests.

The main focus of the group is, however, the Information and Communication Technology (ICT), which is part of Humanativa Group S.p.A



Contact Info

For information contact:

Registered & Operational offices

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 87 - 00186 Roma (RM)

tel.:+39.06.95583100 - fax: +39.06.88653240

Technical area office

Viale della Grande Muraglia, 284 - 00144 Roma

tel.:+39.06.89161268 - fax: +39.06.89161316