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Humanativa Group S.p.A. currently counts more than 120 resources, each in possession of technical specializations and certifications within the most important market technologies. Their Expertise is constantly evolving due to stable updates and collaborations with universities and research institutions, which allow the group to always offer innovative and high-performance solutions in the market and to meet specific customer needs.

The Management and commercial offices are located in the historical center of Rome, in Piazza d'Aracoeli and in the center of Milan in Piazza Armando Diaz, the Operational headquarter is situated in Rome Eur area, Viale della Grande Muraglia.

The Group's revenues are constantly growing and can be summarized as follows:
Isiway S.r.l., starting from € 1.8m in 2014, confirms the growth trend of the last few years, settling in 2017 with € 5.5m and with a forecast of over € 8m in 2018;

Matica Net S.r.l. stable in the results achieved in the last few years, it is projected in 2018 with € 1.5 million due to the Group synergies that allow it to expand and share its customer base.

The overall business volume of Humanativa Group S.p.A. is expanding rapidly with a 2018 target to a revenue of over € 10m and a target of over € 20m by 2020, a forecast which is the result of new acquisitions that are already being studied by the Management.


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