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Humanativa Group S.p.A. currently counts more than 90 technicians, most of them owning specializations and technical certifications on the main ICT market technologies. Technical and application skills evolves continuously thanks to collaboration with Universities. That enables the group to always offer to the market innovative e and performing solutions and to satisfy specific demands too.

The revenue of the Group is in constant growth and can be synthesized as in the following:
Isiway srl, starting from 1,8 M&euro in 2014 has already achieved 2.5 M&euro in 2015 with a forecast of more than 5 M&euro in 2016.

MaticaNet srl closed 2015 with 1,0 M&euro with a projection towards 1.5 M&euro in 2016 due to the synergies with the overall Group that allow to widen the market and to share Clients.

The entire business volume of Humanativa Group S.p.A. is in strong expansion with the tendency to a revenue of over than 6 M&euro in 2016 and a target of more than 15 M&euro in 2018, also as a result of new acquisitions which are already at the management’s attention.


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Registered & Operational offices

Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 87 - 00186 Roma (RM)

tel.:+39.06.95583100 - fax: +39.06.88653240

Technical area office

Viale della Grande Muraglia, 284 - 00144 Roma

tel.:+39.06.89161268 - fax: +39.06.89161316